How to mod your XboxLive gamertag

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How to mod your XboxLive gamertag

Post  P64_Rooster on Fri Jan 01, 2010 10:58 am

Hello this is going to be a tutorial on how to mod your xbox live gamertag. Im going to try to make it as simple as possible. This was not found by me. Credit: Mitchboy999

Things you need:
Transfer Cable/xsata
Xbox 360 Hard Drive
Download (Files for Modding)
Gamertag Mods-

First thing you need to do is open Xplorer 360 (make sure to run as Administrator) then - click Drive-Open-Harddrive or Memcard
Then go to Partion 3-Content-Your Profile-FFFE07D1-0001000-Drag and Drop the profile inside to your desktop.

After that drag the profile from the .rar file to your desktop and create to folders:
My Acc and Other Acc

Now open Modio and drag the the to accounts into modio then copy your Device ID and Paste it into The Other Acc Device ID (also Change the last letter or number of your profile ID to an A and your Device ID to an A) Then Rehash and Resing both Profiles.

After your done with the Click File Contents on both profiles and Extract your profile to the My Acc folder and the other profile to the Other Acc folder (the things inside of My Acc and Other Acc after the extracting will be called account)

Now Minimize Modio and open up sigggggy then click decrypt and select both accounts it should say decryption sucessful after you double click the File Account in both My Acc and Other Acc Folders.

After you decypt both accounts you need to open HxD and drag the files from My Acc and Other Acc into HxD Then you copy everything after 09 in your profile and paste it into everything after 09 in the other profile.

This is what you copy from your profile

Then you paste it in this spot on the other profile. After you paste it in here its time to change you gamertag. To do this you can write the letters that you want directly over the word microsoft or if you want special characters like the buttons you can write on the hex. The profile name has to be 15 characters long if you want to add colors it takes two spaces one for the carrot ^ and one for the number for example ^.6. is purple or something like that this is one of the names you can do (by the way make sure not to write over the periods or any of the 00 spaces in the hex.) the name starts right where the M in Microsoft is.
Name Example: .^.5.I.n.f.i.n.i.t.y.W.a.r.d.(A4) A4 would be put directly in the hex its a symbol.
These are the things for the colors and buttons.
^0 = Black
^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Cyan
^6 = Purple
^7 = White or Pink
^8 = Gray

Different Controller Buttons:

01 - A
02 - B
03 - X
04 - Y
05 - LB
06 - RB
10 - LS
11 - RS
12 - LT
13 - RT
14 - DPAD_UP
0E - Start
0F - Back

When you are done making your name what you want you click file save and then exit HxD.
After that you go to Siggggggy again and encrypt the other acc. Encrypt Account NOT! Account.bak

Now that thats done go back into Modio. Go to file contents on YOUR ACC and overwrite your account with the other acc NOT account.bak Overwrite with just Account.

Now Rehash and Resing your Acc. Now your almost ready to use it. Now what you do is take your profile on your desktop and put it in the folder My Acc then change the last letter of the file to and A just like you did with your profile ID

Now that you've done that copy your accounts file name and make it a folder. Then inside that folder make a folder called FFFE07D1 then inside that make a folder called 00010000 then finally inside that you drag your profile not account into the folder it will look like this

Now Finally drag that folder into Xplorer 360 - Partion 3 - Content drag it in with the rest of your profiles and it should go right.

If it doesnt you will have to disable your UAC this is very simple to do this go to Control Panel and Search UAC then just click disable and restart your computer.

Now your done!
To get this account online you need to start up modern warfare not signed in. then go to multiplayer and sign in to the modded profile then click xbox live. if will say Account cannot play online. Click A it will take you to your accounts sign in to your normal account and then click xbox live again. YOUR ON!

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Re: How to mod your XboxLive gamertag

Post  P64_ReAp3r on Sat Jan 02, 2010 7:22 pm

thx for this mod its awsome!

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