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You may choose to follow our rules, if you choose not to follow our rules you may be warned or banned.

1. NO posting of Warez or illegal content, you may ask a admin, they may choose to allow it.

2. No Threats, Racism, or any kind of abuse to any Members, Moderators or Admins.

3. When you post a topic, make sure to be very detailed and descriptive.

4. No Spam, this includes: Posts saying only one word, Double posting, Discussing something that has nothing to do with the topic.

5. Hateful comments, pornography ect is not allowed.

6. No advertising of your site or other sites, We ask this for a security reason, we only want the top safety for our members and our community.

7. We all have a right to our own opinion, but try not to express any abusive or hurtful comments.

8. Please do not mini-mod, Telling Members what to do, Saying to ban a member or lock there topic.
If you do think soemthing should be done about a member or a topic, please refer to our Admins or moderators.

9. Do not PM a admin or moderator alot to get us to reply, we will get to you when we can.

10. Do not post a topic or reply in all CAPS.

11. Do not take credit for someone elses content or there work.

12. All warnings against you will not be removed.

13. Do not Bump a old topic (grave-digging) you may post in it, but if its over with do not try to bump it.

14. Respect all staff, if a moderator or admin decides something, it is final, unless you know its wrong.
Failure to respect that will result in a suspension or ban.

15. If you feel that someone is repeatedly break the rules, please PM the member/moderator or admin.

16. Do not leech, do not come here and never post.

17. Do not leak, Meaning if there is something in V.I.P you are not to post it in public or pm a member.
To do so will result in a ban or you may be stripped of your V.I.P Privledges.

16. Use common sence.

Failure to follow our rules will result in

Editing, removal, locking or deletion of Posts or Topics

Suspension for upto one week, depending on the offense

Removal of rights such as, Posting, avatars, signatures or anything we decide

Deletion of the members Account

IP Ban

Signatures not aloud:

.GIF format

Very Large images

More than 2 images

No pornographic content

By . GIF format i mean the moving or flashing images as signatures the .GIF format as a still image is fine though.

Having these in your signature will result in it been removed, once removed do not put it back in your signature as this will lead to serious consequence's such as 1 day bans etc.

Large images take up too much room.

Alright, this section is for tutorials ONLY any help you need with the tutorials please post in the help, call of duty or noob section.

All tutorials must follow the folowing rules:
1. All tutorials must have clear images. Unless it is a video tutorial.
2. Credits must be left if you copied the tut from another site.
3. If you leech tuts from this site you must leave credits.

If you fail to follow the rules you will get a warning, repeat offenders will get banned


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